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Lens Processing / Measurement Equipment Company History

The First AO Lensometer - 1921

AO Trial Lens set designed by Opticist Charles Prentice in 1900 (Optical Heritage Museum Collection)



Joe Sanitnelli shows his first edger which he recently displayed at Vision Expo East (March 22, 2012)



AO Scientific Instruments

(Now Reichert)





Humphrey Instruments
(now part of Carl Zeiss Meditec)

Download Model 350 Users manual (early 1990s)

42mb pdf

Automation and Robotics (A&R)


Satis -LOH




Antique Phoroptor

Lyle Rubin's Collection (Corning)


AO's 1936 Eye Camera called the Ophthalm-O-Graph.

For more info about it, Download the a pdf file from an AO Booklet titled :

AO Reading Diagnosis and TrainingBook 1936


Learn about the Hague UV Lamp


The development of the first non- contact tonometer by Dr. Bernie Grolman (AO)



Lens Materials- History of CR39


Lens type/design history


Optical Industry Vintage Advertising


Lens Companies

Lens Equipment


Safety Eyewear



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