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Lens Product History by Company / lens design

Progressives, Multifocals, Aspherics, Low Vision, etc.

Progressive Lenses

1920 Dr. Estelle Glancy AO Progressive Lens Measurements
 AO Lens Designers



Werner Koepen's very informative site on Essilor and other early PAL's

Varilux ("Variable light") turns 50 in 2009


American Optical - PAL Release dates

Youtube 1987 AO design presentations of Dr. Winthrops covering:

Truvision / Pal Designs :

OMNI Pal :

Added April 19, 2012



Carl Zeiss Vision (AO/SOLA/Zeiss OLA Awards) New 2-Aug-11

PDF download



Single Vision


 AO Price 1928 List / Catalogue of Lenses / Frames

15mb pdf download

Norman Rockwell  Painting in Ad


AO August 1928 writeup on the

History and Development of the Tillyer Lens

Download 16mb pdf

SV Lens design /ad claim info

Zeiss Ad from 1932



AO’s longest running product line- Glass Executive

Read about President John F. Kennedy and his choice of the Exec in Nov 1963!

Low Vision Aids


Contact Lenses

  AO Technical Publications on OHM website 


Lens Materials- History of CR39


Lens type/design history


Optical Industry Vintage Advertising


Lens Companies

Lens Equipment


Safety Eyewear



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